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University of Mumbai

University of Mumbai is one of the oldest and premier universities in India. Started in the year 1857, it is one among the first three universities in India. It has two campuses, fort campus of 14 acres and Kalina campus of 243 acres, sub‐campuses/centers at Ratnagiri 20 acres, Thane 6.50 acres and Kalyan 6.26 acres…

Dept. of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology (UDIT) was started in 2001. On commencement, the Department came up with a unique three years under graduate programme as B.Sc in Information Technology. Later in 2004 a post graduate programme as M.Sc in Information Technology was introduced.

Vision, Mission & Goal

Vision: To create next generation research and innovation led University Department.
Mission: To provide and promote interdisciplinary goal‐ oriented research and innovation in Information Technology
Goal: To have the State‐of‐the‐art research Programs and Laboratory with Quality Education