Master of Science in Information Technology [MSc IT] is a Full time programme with Semester pattern.

Four specialization tracks is offered:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Image Processing
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Security

Part 1 consist of compulsory four courses each semester:


Course Code Course Title Credits
PSIT101 Research in Computing 4
PSIT102 Data Science 4
PSIT103 Cloud Computing 4
PSIT104 Soft Computing Techniques 4
PSIT1P1 Research in Computing Practical 2
PSIT1P2 Data Science Practical 2
PSIT1P3 Cloud Computing Practical 2
PSIT1P4 Soft Computing Techniques Practical 2
Total Credits 24


Course Code Course Title Credits
PSIT201 Big Data Analytics 4
PSIT202 Modern Networking 4
PSIT203 Microservices Architecture 4
PSIT204 Image Processing 4
PSIT2P1 Big Data Analytics Practical 2
PSIT2P2 Modern Networking Practical 2
PSIT2P3 Microservices Architecture Practical 2
PSIT2P4 Image Processing Practical 2
Total Credits 24
Click here to download Semester I & II syllabus

Part II – One Main Courses + Three Elective Courses (as per specialization opted) + One Research Project

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