The University Department of Information Technology (UDIT) was started in the year 2001. On commencement, the Department came up with a unique three years under graduate programme as B.Sc in Information Technology. Later in the year 2004 a post graduate programme as M.Sc in Information Technology was introduced.

Since the Year 2001, students of U.D.I.T have excelled in various fields like ACADEMIC, SPORTS, CULTURAL, INDUSTRY.

Facilities offered by the Department:

  • Dedicated Classrooms – The Department has three dedicated classrooms fit with projector. The class rooms are well lit and spacious with provisions of audio‐video display and internet connectivity.
  • Library & Reading Room ‐ The students have access to two libraries, at the University level, J N Library (subject to membership) and Department library where the student has default access upon admission. The Department library is well equipped with reference books of subject matter as well as technical magazines and research journal publications.
  • Computer Laboratory– The Department is equipped with two computer labs with 35 & 24 computers respectively. The lab is constantly upgraded to suit the minimum requirements of practical to be performed. Both the labs have 8 GB & 16 GB memory machines respectively with internet facility.
  • Internet & Wi-Fi Access ‐ The Department provides free Wi‐Fi to all students for accessing educational contents on their laptops and mobile phones. Wi‐Fi shall be available in the computer labs as well as in the class rooms.
  • Hostel Accommodation – The University maintains a hostel for the students of the University Departments. The Department is allocated some seats in the University Hostel. Students seeking admission to the Hostel are required to fill in the prescribed application form which must be submitted to the Department Office